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Jumaat, 26 Februari 2016

Rural Minister should be from Sabah, says PKR

Kunak: The State still needs various types of development especially infrastructure for the benefit and welfare of the rural people.

PKR Silam branch Vice Chief 1,Djapri Kudosat said, there are still many places in Sabah requiring government attention, especially in the distribution of development such as clean water, hardcore poor housing project (PPRT) household needs, and other basic facilities.

Sabah's rural population also continues to call on the Federal government to pay more attention and give priority to the needs of people waiting for a long time for change to occur in their area in terms of development, he said.

"Actually, the minister appointed to take over the ministry (Ministry of Rural and Regional Development) should be from Sabah for that reason.

"Sabahans still are waiting for the BN government's promise of clean water supply especially in areas that still don't have it ", Djapri told the Daily Express on Saturday in response to the recent cabinet reshuffle involving the dropping of the Rural and Regional Development Minister from Sabah, Datuk Seri Mohd Shafie Apdal.

"The newly appointed minister, Datuk Ismail Sabri and officials should diligently enter villages in Sabah to identify areas where there are no basic facilities such as piped water, paved roads and so on", he said.

"Try to explore the area in Silam which is far from the city or town, and carefully check the area and note which places or villages still do not have piped water. If you have not yet come to these places, I can show you the areas where people need basic facilities ", he said.

Djapri said, other than in the east coast, there are other areas that do not even have access to basic facilities in rural areas.

"We always read the newspapers and look at the social media where the people complain about basic facilities that they need," he said.

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