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Selasa, 5 November 2013

Kebun, Rumah Untuk Dijual Dan Disewa Di- Sabah

Salam Maal Hijrah
Various properties looking for buyers as at 021113 * 40 acres CL at rugading  with approved dp . Selling at rm20 psf * 22 acres nt land at kinarut with dp approved. SP:- rm25 psf * NT land  kokol selling rm150k pa * 2 storey terrace (corner)  taman hiburan cl999 , land size 6000 sf but bua 3000 sf. Sp rm780k * Apartment at  bandar sierra for sale bua 900 sf and sp rm270k * 6 acres CL kinarut cl999 and sp rm400 k pa or rm9 psf and agriculture zoning * 2.166 acres  NT land at  kg minitod nt land selling at rm3.2m lumpsum *  5.5 acres  at sindumin nt land  selling at rm220k and * 277 acres nalapak ranau cl  selling at  rm95k pa * asia city complex full renorvation  with office furniture bua 305.5 sf renting at rm1200 pm *  hotel asia city selling at RM12.5m for 68 rooms . * radiant tower madison block bua 1800 sf 2nd floor selling at rm580k  *  the peak soho 639 sf and 2nd floor ff , rm470k nego but facing swimming pool . *  85 acres  oil palm land at tawau with 5 years oil palm  . 7 miles from tawau town. SP rm5m . * 73.62 acres CL999 land  at kg madsiang , penampang    but no road access and have to built a bridge across the babagon river and  zoning residential . Selling at rm18m * 5 acres NT  nearby the t junction to tuaran town  * 32 acres NT/CL  at tuaran sulaman  suitable for eco tourism with selling price at RM1m pa . DP for  resort  submitted * 22 acres cl land on top of the hill next to a  smk tebobon school jln tuaran on the way up to telipok left side of the road after grand merdeka  .Selling at  rm6.5m *  grace court 4th floor  bua 1000sf selling at rm340k * api2  centre 2nd floor 760sf sp rm398 k * nountun apartment 800sf grd floor selling at rm260k * 0.82 acres nt beside st micheal or opposite st joseph convert penampang selling at rm56psf or rm2m * 4 star hotel  or 5 storey  hotel  for sale but  must be with good offer *  4.14 acres kimanis 3-4 km to sabah oil and gas terminal suitable for industrial development ,flat land  and  3 km gravel road and sp RM2.6m . *  5000 acres beaufort cl999 beside hospital and 40% hilly and 40% undulating and 20% flat *  0.7 acres cl or 30k sf and located beside power plant and with building and worker quarters selling at rm2.6m *  bungalow at donggongon town cl99 and land 12k sf and can park 6 cars and 7 rooms and 4 bathrooms and located behind cash and carry showroom and sp rm1.8m * 1400 acres cl vacant land at ranau  sp rm16k pa * 2.3 acres penampang by pass at paddy field sp rm65 psf *  NT 2 acres kg tombovo nearby zoo lok kawi and roadside suitable for warehouse and rental rm3k pm * NT 0.7 acres nearby kg mahandoi in front of  sekolah belajar kereta KMK  renting rm3k pm * 2 storey terrace corner at sri borneo and land size is 7k sf and bua is 2k sf and sp at rm1.19m * 2 storey terrace house at  taman flamingo selling at rm470k and above * 1.74 acres NT land at  tamparuli roadside selling at  rm1.4m * jesselton condo  and bua 1750 sf. Corner unit . Ff , renting at RM3500 pm * 6 acres nt land at  maang  (opposite signage catholic church of the divine mercy) penampang papar old road roadside. SP rm9.5m or rm32 psf * 787 acres merotai tawau   . Near by the sea with river. 100 acres with prawn resevoir.   sp rm20k pa . * Detached house at  penampang lok kawi old roadside with land size  22k sf selling at rm600k suitable for showroom * 12.5 acres CL999 land nearby Kudat Mosque . SP:- RM10 psf.hilly but beautiful sea view.roadside to kampung tar road… *  the loft b condo , level 3, 1535 sf, selling rm1.15m ; surian residence 2340 sf, selling at rm1.3m rent rm3500 and marina court penthouse 2300 sf, ff sell rm1.2m and uf rm1m * cyber square grd and 1st floor, adjoining unit selling rm1.8m mv is rm1.9m - lintas jaya grd floor 1200 sf ,rent rm3200 pm ; pavilion 1st floor corner rent rm2800 grd floor end corner rm4500 pm kinarut mall grd and 1st floor 1900sf selling rm680k *  taman dai ming bungalow  5r5b, ff 5500 sf, rent ,rm 2800 pm and lucky height 980 sf, top floor ,ff rm1200 pm and grace court 2nd floor, 3r1b , ff rm1300 pm. * jesselton condo renting at rm3400 ff 3r3b and eden height at rm1200 pm 10th floor ,ff  surian residence 1288 sf, pf, rent rm1800 ; alam damai condo 2nd floor 1091 sf,uf sp rm550k and the peak condo 7th floor, ff seaview rent rm3500 pm . *  351 sf asia city kompleks rent at 1200 pm * ganang villa rm500k  block f, and another lot at rm550k * putatan platinum 10th floor, block b, seaview and renorvated + heater+ fan+ built in kitchen cabinet + uf SP rm290k * taman nelly semi detached and sp rm900k and land 3600 sf and 2 storey and fully renorvated and extended kitchen * 2 storey semi detached at  taman milek  and fully renorvated and land size  3600 sf, selling rm990k * waikiki  condo  duplex and bua 2100sf at 5th floor and golf view at hawaii block . sp rm900k * Grd floor ,1.5 storey kolombong  kian yap light ind shoplots    and bua 2100 sf and corner lot . Renting at rm5k pm * radiant court ff at 8th floor and bua 1300 sf and renting rm2500pm . *  22 acres nt land  zoning RB,  kinarut  and  dp approved  and sp rm25psf * 15 acres CL999 land at pulutan  SP RM18 psf * 24 acres CL pulutan  next to petronas and one lot away from mainroad and rb zoning  behind magisan signage . SP RM55 psf * 8.05 acres NT land opposite IMW ketiau and industry zoning and roadside selling at rm38 psf * 1.25 acres  CL land roadside along   lok kawi  highway and dp approved for few shoplots. SP  but op rm20m * 532 acres CL oil palm land  at sapulut nabawan and distance to main road 15km and Age of trees  are  8 mths - 3 yrs old. Selling RM15m *  island  land and quarry land for sell * 3.1 acres cl at jalan sulaman at rm65 psf  * 2.24 acres nt and it is triangle shape  at wijaya park menggatal or next to  taman kemas .SP rm35 psf or rm3.41m  * 2.94 acres NT land  opposite  st paul chapel kinarut  and  sp rm2.8m or rm22 psf * factory for rent at kolombong at bua 11300 sf at rm13k pm *  1 acres roadside cl at kepayan . SP:- rm5m or RM115 psf * 525 acres CL land  apin apin whereby  400 acres planted 8 years and 100 acres less than 3 yrs and 14km to apin apin junction , 10 km from there to keningau town and nearest collection centre is 15km and hilly and SP is RM30k pa * 360 acres cl land at telupid fully planted .SP is rm33k pa * 9 acres nt land nearby kauluan and dreamworld kundasang  and can do tourism related business and do chalets and may propose a  jv. * 12.5 acres  land in keningau town looking for jv * 326 acres  CL/NT land at membakut ..AOT:- 3 yrs tree  and 1 hour drive  from mem bakut town - SP:- RM18k pa * 50 acres CL Bongawan land  .SP :-  rm150k pa * 38 acres Membakut beach land SP:-  5m and 300 acres beach land SP:-  rm160k pa *  4  acres CL  likas area selling  including approve DP. * kkip warehouse for sale at rm1.48 m * 50k sf warehouse for rent at sepanggar port. * peak vista 1288 sf and bayview level 4 selling rm880k * likas square bua 1352 sf seaview 14 th floor sp rm600k * millennium residency and selling at 688- 806 sf .from rm212k to rm349k * semi detached 2 storey at   jalam eramas 2, bumi lot sp rm580k * 396 acres nt/cl land at kg ulu membakut  and all planted 5-6 yrs and 11km to mill and sp rm18k nt  but cl is 22k . *  lahad datu industrial shoplot and 12 km from town LD and on the tawau LD highway oc on end of 2014 and all got  individual title * 65 acres nt tamparuli with beautiful stream and at kg koporingan gravel road 20 min from tamparuli town and selling rm2.5m lump sum * 2000 acres nt at telupid for sale at rm17k pa * 20.20 acres roadside to sepangar at the left cl no high tension but opposite entrance to nexus . SP  rm16psf *  1 acres  NT marked yellow kg terawi penampang for sale at rm800k . between mosopiad and taman malakun * peak vista a ,2nd floor ,bua 1293 sf , rm800k and likas bay view * warehouse jalan mangga kolombong renting at rm10k pm…land size 6k sf and bua is 4k sf. * 20k sf kkip semi d warehouse with 11k sf bua for rent at rm12500 pm it is 3rd unit next to KFC * petrol station plan  approved and subdivided and selling at rm3.3m  and 70k sf land size  - 12 km from LD town * 8.79  acres NT  roadside of  jalan port kkip sepangar  opposite jabatan laut and a quarry sp RM50 psf * 10500 sf NT land   opposite RTM kepayan  selling rm330 psf * marina court for rent but not for service apartment and budget rm3k pm *  1st office for rent at kk town budget 3500pm   * tamparuli new housing for sell  at rm400k each * 77k sf  at Lahad datu tawau hghway total op is rm3.3m and for * 1.5 acres  cl99 kundasang land  mountain view selling at rm800k * 20.47 acres CL land at kg kebayau telipok cl good for resort ,walit bird. Selling rm4.5m lumpsum * surian residence   pf and basic aircon and water heater and thats all .no mattress and sofa  . Renting at RM1800 pm * alam damai. Suara Rakyat Kunak

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